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Tanran Reiki Level 12

The Tanran Reiki Level 12 Process
through Tenabah copyright 2010

I am writing this because of receiving guidance from the Reiki guides who have inspired the formation of the Tanran Reiki system. When the first symbol came through in dreamtime, it was Zee Gah Nah. The symbol came with a lot of information on how it was meant to be used. It has been called "the vacuum symbol" because it removes all the energy that we have outgrown and no longer serves us. It has been used as part of the invocation of sacred space. The usual method of invoking sacred space is to visualize Cho Ku Rei in each of the eight corners of a room (four upper and four lower plus any extra ones for odd shaped rooms), Dai Ko Myo in the center of the room, and two Zee Gah Nahs on two of the walls. Sometimes a few more symbols are added to this basic invocation if they are felt to be needed, like Doh Yah Noh, the sentry symbol, which covers weaknesses in our protective field until we learn to protect ourselves.

But the primary purpose of Zee Gah Nah is related to the level 12 work. The first six attunements are empowerments for service, the next five levels are more like training levels. The last level, number 12, is about using all the empowerments, training, and tools to organize what is called "the breathing community" with the breathing community symbol initiating and sealing this work.

When a person enters the level 12 work, he or she learns to breathe in sync with the global Tanran Reiki community. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is visualized at the 3rd Eye chakra and the breathing community symbol is visualized at the Heart chakra. There is a telepathic connection with the global community of those Tanran Reiki masters who are on the Earth. There is also a link with the Mahasangha or higher guides who form the light continuum and who are not incarnate on Earth in our present 3D journey. But the emphasis is on linking as a community of beings on Earth and breathing in sync with them. We become a "healing conspiracy". The root meaning of the word "conspiracy" meaning "to breathe together". When giving healing work to others, we can channel the combined energy of all the guides and Tanran Reiki masters through us. We become one organism, "one in the breath," and this organism, surrendered to unconditional love, intuitive wisdom, and infinite creativity, acts as a unified whole to heal this world.

The level 12 work is also about the breathing community only being those who are initiated into Tanran Reiki and who consider it more than merely another energy healing modality. There are some who only wish to use Tanran Reiki to help heal friends and family or who consider themselves to be professional energy healers. If this is all that they want Tanran Reiki for, it is okay. It is the reason why there are many levels. But the level 12 work is about a certain number of Tanran Reiki masters interlocking with each other in one breathing organism and serving the planet in a specific process.

The first part of this process is to organize into doing three things. One is to have another Tanran Reiki person to trade with and exchange sessions on a regular basis. Two is to organize into "quads" where four Tanran Reiki Masters meet, hopefully weekly, to give each other an "ascension circuit" session. This is a specific mudra where one master holds the sacrum and back of the neck, another holds the right foot and left hand, and another holds the left food and right hand. The vowel sounds, oh, oo, ee, and ah are sounded in this order as overtones or with vibrato. Ideally, there is a crystal bowl or crystal bowl on CD playing to support this sound. Ideally, it is an A note bowl with a D note bowl which form a harmonic fifth. The entire process takes about 15 minutes per a person and therefore the gathering need only take 90 minutes when you count transition time. Three is to organize a monthly Reiki share where the local community gathers and connects with each other. Everyone holds hands in a circle and intones the same four syllables for an hour. Then one has, ideally, a vegan potluck.

One commits to connecting in this threefold pattern for at least two years with the intention of taking everything that one has learned and going all the way to complete clearing of all obstructions within the energy body and through this to attain a very complete enlightenment. If the schedule is disrupted, then one merely adds the extra time to the two years. If one cannot trade with someone who lives nearby, then the trade can be remote with phone support. In a similar fashion the other two may be done via remote hookup when meeting locally is not possible.

This pattern is the foundation. The main work is to "heal the riff" that happened during the Atlantean times, when during the Atlantean civil war the oppressive ruler caused a dimensional riff to happen and negative entities poured through the riff into this world. It was an effort to bolster is failing army and was somewhat like how old armies would release fierce dogs into the battlefield to soften their opponents before attacking them. This riff is the reality behind the story about Pandora opening a box and unleashing all manner of illnesses into this world. There is a hint of sealing the riff in the Book of Revelations in the New Testament as well. The Tibetan Buddhists have memory of this riff and believe that this world will always have sorrow until the riff is closed. While merely sealing the riff is not enough to liberate this world, it will make this world journey more easily into liberation.

The process is to release thousands upon thousands of visualized Zee Gah Nahs into the world to capture the negative entities and hold them in its "containment field". In this field, the entities will be given a choice to join humankind on its evolutionary healing journey or to return back to their own worlds, through the riff. But they will no longer be free to plague humankind anymore. They will be held in containment and be transformed by those energies up to a point where they can join humankind on its level (or they can quit and go back home). The riff will be temporarily sealed with guardian energy until all the entities have been sent back. It is expected that most will wish to return back to their worlds, but that a certain percent will want to stay on Earth and become human.

The other symbols will support this process. El Leh Yah, which is normally about retrieving soul fragments, can also help extract entities when they are embedded deeply in humans and can put those entities into Zee Gah Nah.

There will also be a visualized mandala temple where certain meetings will happen and certain healing rituals performed. The Reiki Masters will be taught to visualize and meet in this temple, on the etheric plane, especially if they cannot connect with enough people on Earth to form the foundation. The temple is pyramid with four sides, one side of each of these colors, red, blue, green, and yellow/gold. The base will be white and it will have four entrances. I hope to draw this soon or get some artist to help me render this. Eventually all 300 of the original temples that existed during Atlantean times will be rebuilt and reused, first on the etheric. Some of the other Reiki lineages may also understand this work. Each is given somewhat different assignments during this phase of planetary healing. A fair number of them have already been constructed and have been around for a very long time, along with cities of light.

The skills to do this work will be coming to those who are being called to this work. Not everyone is going to feel called to this level. Not everyone likes working with negative entities, though many have had to do this in order to heal their own life and the lives of others. It is still about trusting the Reiki energy to do all the work, but we do need to know how to cooperate with this process more. We are dealing with an active intelligence which can and will try to do resistance to their capture. This is different from an illness which remains relatively the same until healed. A person will need to learn how to invoke and stay in safety in order to do this process.

The guidance that have been given is to start organizing the level 12 work at this time, even though only a small number of the Tanran Reiki Masters have gone through all of the 11 previous levels. The idea is to retrofit those who come forward to do this work with the necessary skills, empowerments, and trainings. The very act of doing this work will attract the knowledge necessary to do this. It is a growth through service.

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