Saturday, August 6, 2011

Level One Attunement: Dai Ko Myo Empowerment

It is my intention, here and now, through these words, through this invocation, through this blog, to give anyone who is reading these words and who wants to receive, a Tanran Reiki level one attunement.  This  remote energy attunement has the intention of activating your connection with an unconditionally loving, intuitively wise, and infinitely creative energy field so that you may feel this energy within your mind, heart, and body.  This remote energy attunement is only remote relative to where my physical location and physical presence within a human body is compared to where your physical location and physical presence within a human body is.  On the level of telepathic thought and my subtle energy body, you are never far away.  I and others of my kind can reach you, link with you, and initiate you into the realm that we abide in.  This realm is more real to us than the entire physical universe.  From our viewpoint, we abide first and foremost within this luminous omnipresent loving, wise, and creative energy field, and the physical realm is combined effect of past causes set into motion and the creative activity of this field.

While I abide as a physical presence on Earth, in your world, I am a representative of the Mahasangha, the greater community of the living beings of light that inhabit this realm.  The Tanran Reiki community is an energy healing tradition that initiates people into this living community through a series of meditations, rituals, teachings, intentions, and thoughts.  We are joined to each other within the energy of this love, wisdom, and creativity.  We choose to live in this energy, walk in its light, and radiate this energy to all others.  We let ourselves be transformed into the likeness of this energy until every thought, emotion, intention, sensation, and attention that we give is resonance with the frequency of unconditional love.  We allow ourselves to be purified until this is completely true.

It is my deep honor and privilege to be able to offer this initiation, attunement, and empowerment to you.  Even though Tanran Reiki has 38 symbols and therefore 38 specific attunements, and more that could emerge from the field of infinite light when and if needed, it may be possible that this one may be all that you need.  Once linked to Dai Ko Myo, the Great Light, that permeates and pervades all existence everywhere and everywhen, you will be linked to the teacher of all my teachers and will be able to learn everything that I have learned and more, to the degree that you are willing, able, and ready to receive.

This energy is unconditionally loving and completely nonviolent.  It does love you without conditions and only wishes blessing, healing, empowerment, life, abundance, and complete liberation for you.  It does not condemn anyone for anything.  It notices every fault that we may be holding in our field and can look at that fault with complete objectivity and without any resentment or demand that the fault change in any way.  All our faults can only change when we simply acknowledge them and release them, letting the light transform them and release them within its blessing.

The freedom and free choice of all sentient beings is sacred to this energy.  This universal loving field has the creative power to remanifest and recreate the entire physical universe from its own Luminous Omnipresent Vacuum Energy, from itself, but it is completely nonviolent and can only change the life of each sentient being as he or she willingly allows himself or herself to change.  This means that we are meant to let go, allow, and not resist the flow of this energy within us.  We are meant to say to this energy, "Your wish be done within me.  I allow myself to be healed.  I allow myself to be transformed into love itself.  I let my ego personality be totally dissolved within the radiance of this energy.  I am willing to let my addictive craving, judgmental negativities, and obscuring delusions all dissolve away, and let myself be healed of all the illnesses that depend on these adverse conditions abiding within me."

Here and now, I am offering an attunement, activation, and link with this Universal Loving Energy, and ask you if you wish to receive it.  There is no pressure for you to do this.  There is no condemnation of you if you do not wish to do this.  This attunement is not the only true spiritual path, but simply one path.  It will not invalidate the spiritual path and commitment that you have made to another spiritual path.  It will bless and support the spiritual path that you are on, provided that your spiritual path is based on unconditional love and believes in unconditional love.  If it does not, the energy may wish to purify the judgments from your spiritual path to elevate into its own frequency and purity.  It is not necessary to let go of all the judgments, attachments, and obscurations right now.  The energy will flow into our lives and gently expand to touch them and invite us to release them.  We will learn what we need to let go of in our experience and grow from within our experience.

If you are not ready to make the decision to accept the attunement, you may stop here.  What follows assumes that you have made this decision.  You can go forward and read these words, if you are just curious, but they will not work the same way as when you make the intention to enter through the gate of initiation.  The words are only tools that help the specific activation of a specific experience within you.  Because of the nonviolence of unconditional love, you cannot get the experience until you decide to let it in and only to the degree that you willingly let it in.

You who have decided to open to the energy of Universal Unconditional Love.  I would like for you to imagine and feel that the space that you are in right now is filled with the energy of love, wisdom, and creativity.  I would like for you to visualize this energy is white light.  Imagine and feel that this energy pervades the entire universe, that stars and planets emerge from this energy, abide in this energy, and may eventually dissolve back into this energy.  Because this energy is sentient, intelligent, compassionate, and responsive, you can, by conscious thought intention, make a connection with this energy.  I would like for you to breathe this energy into your mind, heart, and body.  I would like for you to attach the thought intention of receiving this energy to your inhale.  I would like for you to feel that the more deeply and fully you breathe in, without straining, the more deeply and fully you receive this energy.  You can do this as you are reading these words.  You want to breathe in as deeply as you can, but not breathe in so much that you feel that you are straining to push in more air.  Thought intention and fully receiving is enough.

Please also, for now, do not worry if you are actually getting this energy or actually feeling this energy.  It will happen naturally as you relax and allow.  We are not trying to make an experience happen, we are allowing an energy to happen.  There is no need to strain.  It will happen naturally as the initiation process unfolds.

I would like for you to attach the thought intention of relaxing, letting go, and allowing to the exhale.  Feel that the more softly, slowly, and smoothly you exhale, the more you are relaxing and allowing the energy of universal love to flow into your mind, heart, and body.  Again, there is no need to strain.  If your breathing is not very slow, let the intention gently make the breathing slower and slower until it does feel soft, slow, and smooth.

I would like for you to place your attention on the belly and feel the belly expand on the inhale and relax on the exhale.  I would like for you to notice how placing the thought intention of receiving on the inhale and the thought intention of letting go on the exhale shapes the breathing.  Let the breathing be shaped by these intentions and let the intentions be deepened by the breathing.

I would like for you to feel the inhale turn into the exhale and the exhale turn into the inhale.  I would like for you to release any pauses that may be between the inhale and the exhale, so that these turnings are part of one smooth circle of continuous breathing.  This will probably make the breathing slightly faster.  Removing the pauses between inhale and exhale affirms that inhaling and exhaling are part of each other, that receiving is a form of letting go and letting go is a form of receiving.

I would like for you to visualize a bubble of white light surrounding your body.  Feel that you are invoking the protection of the Universal Loving Energy, affirming that "nothing but love can enter this space", feeling supported by the light, blessed by this light, and cared for by this light.  Feel like you can let go, at least for right here and right now, any cares and concerns that you have.  If there is a strong care and concern that you have, feel like you are giving this concern to the energy in order to be healed.

Through visualizing this bubble of white light, you are invoking and activating sacred space, creating a sanctuary of peace.  If you have trouble visualizing this bubble, again, do not worry and do not strain, simply intend for the bubble to be there, intend for the protection, care, and support to be there.  It will be enough.  If you have doubts about the ability of the light to protect you for all harm, gently acknowledge these doubts, and intend to offer these doubts into the light.  You do not have to banish these doubts and there might be things that you need to do to take care of worries that are behind them.  There is nothing that you are forced to believe.  There is no doubt that you have to repress.  Just feel this thought, move into "hypothetical faith", feel and intend "as if" this light exists.  Give it a chance to show itself to you and reveal itself in your experience.  This is all the belief that you will ever need.  The rest will shift spontaneously as you learn from your experience.  We are using the thoughts of the thinking mind to activate something in our experience that is beyond thought.  Play with these thoughts and see where they lead.  If the doubts are too much and block you from even doing this, if you are a little afraid and on guard that you might be brainwashed into feeling and believing in something that does not exist, you might not be ready to accept this attunement.  I would recommend that you go to a Reiki energy healer, let him or her lay hand on you, and just let them channel the energy through him or her so that you can simply feel it.  Sometimes, in the beginning, it is only felt as a kind of warm and peaceful energy.  Some people have described it as "coming home" and feeling that one belongs again in this universe.  There is a feeling of oneness with life, because this radiance connects us all together.  This feeling of unity with this loving souce of all that is has within itself the basis of all healing.  Behind all illness is a feeling of a self that feels isolated and separated from life.  It is "crossing this I fiction" and resurrecting beyond the veil of separation that heals.

From the sacred space that you have set up, invite all the Reiki Guides, all your personal guides, and any higher guides that are part of your spiritual path.  Because these guides are fully enlightened, fully liberated, totally compassionate, and telepathically sensitive, they will always respond to a sincere call for help.  Invite them into this space, ask that they bless an energize your breathing, your white light bubble, and your attunement process.  Ask that they take care of your worries and concerns, feel like you are giving them permission to heal your life and raise your life condition to whatever degree that you are willing, ready, and able to receive at this time.

I would like for you to visualize Dai Ko Myo, the Great Light.  The symbol is the first one in this blog entry.  Again, if you have trouble visualizing, simply intend.  Visualize it over your head its lower edge about two inches above the soft spot at the top of your head, your "crown chakra".  The symbol is within a bubble of white light about one foot in diameter.  The symbol sends a beam of white light into the soft spot and goes down to the sacrum.  Visualize this beam of light going down this path, touching all the chakras that it finds.  Ask the Reiki Guides to bless and energize this meditation, to join you in these visualizations, and to strengthen and enliven these visualizations so that they move actual energy.  Feel the energy move down to the "3rd eye chakra" the space between the eyebrows and about a half inch above.  I would like for you to visualize the second symbol there.  This is a symbol for me as a Reiki practitioner, teacher, and initiator.  It is the place where we are linking telepathically.  It will establish, stabilize, and deepen our connection.  It had already been happening by you hearing my words, thinking of me, and intending to be attuned.  Feel that you are receiving energy from me and the Reiki Guides, with me pouring energy through this chakra and the Reiki Guides pouring energy through and with the Dai Ko Myo symbol into the soft spot at the top of your head.

Feel the energy pour down to the throat chakra, blessing, energizing, relaxing, and healing this chakra, empowering you to creatively express your abilities, share your truth with others kindly, and allow your gifts to flow into the world as a loving service to the world.  Feel the energy pour down to the heart chakra and generate a golden sun that sends golden rays of light and love to everyone that you know.  Visualize you sending this love to everyone you have met during the day and during the last week.  To people who merely passed you by, to gas station attendants, to grocery store check up clerks, to people walking on the side walks, to bank tellers, to politicians giving speeches, to ministers, to atheists, to agnostics, to teachers, to friends, to family, and to everyone you know and even beyond this to everyone you do not know.  If you watch the news on TV, send this light and love to the TV reporters that the show presents, send it to the people in the news reports, to the many people shown on the shows that are in sorrow because of wars, natural disasters, prejudice, diseases, accidents, and abuse.  Do not worry if the light and love is doing good or not.  Love does always good and always uplifts people at least a little.  No one is totally closed to love.  Intend to send love to each person individually and focus on each one at least for just one concentrated moment.

Feel the energy descend down to the solar plexus chakra, which is at the tip of the sternum.  This is the power chakra and records the energetic interactions behind our power struggles and entanglements with others.  Feel yourself intend this, "I release others from any demands I have placed upon them.  I release myself from any demands that have been placed on me.  I let myself live my own life and I let others live their own life.  I release controlling others for any reason and I release being controlled by others for any reason."  Feel this thought intention release all your issues with everyone whatsoever.  Feel that you are accepting everyone as they are.  Release that you are not the supreme ruler of their lives and feel that they are not the supreme ruler of your life.  Feel the energy release you from any pressure placed on you from others and feel yourself releasing any pressure you have placed on others, any pressure in the form of desire, seduction, expectations, demands, shoulds, musts, need to, commands, or judgments that you feel entitles you to something from them.  You have the right to ask for anything, but to demand nothing.  They have a right to reject your asking or fulfill it.  You have the same.  Feel yourself moving into this field of equal relations, where people freely agree with each other, understand each other, make win-win agreements, and live these unforced agreements with each other.

Feel the energy pour down into the belly security center where the belly button is.  Feel this energy nourishing you and giving what you need as energy itself.  If you needed attention, feel the energy giving you attention.  If you needed validation, feel the energy giving you validation.  If you needed to feel love, then feel the energy as love.  Whatever it is, feel this energy as what you need in energetic form.  Feel yourself trusting the energy to bring you what you need and relaxing into this, that you no longer have to strain to get what you need.

Feel the energy pour down into your sacrum and feel it nourish your desire to live, thrive, and be happy, and then feel the energy pour down into the Earth and gift the Earth itself with love flowing from Dai Ko Myo through your leg bones and through your feet.  Feel also that the energy is going through your arm bones, branching from the spinal energy flow, and out your hands and into this world, so that the energy is pouring out of the golden sun in your heart, out through your hands, and out through your feet, and then finally out through every pour in your body, every time you exhale.  Inhaling feeling the energy pour down into you and exhaling radiating it outward.

Then pause and just feel the attunement process that you have undergone, be with this space for a while.  It is done.  Namaste.

You may wish in the next three days to lay your hands on someone, gently resting your hands under their neck and gently cradling their heads, activating your attunement with visualizing Dai Ko Myo, feeling your circular breathing, and feeling the energy flow through your hands, through your loving contact with him or her, and into their mind, heart, and body.  Again there is no strain, you do not have to push the energy into them, but simply let it flow to them.  Trust that whever goes through you will be enough for the moment, that what is needed, what they are able to receive at this, will be enough, that they will experience some measure of inner peace.  Invite them to let go to the energy in their breathing.  Invite to intend to open up and relax, and then let everything happen.


Bubble of Protection