Monday, May 6, 2019

Tanran Reiki Symbol Attunement Meditation One

 Tanran Symbol
Dai Ko Myo:
Double Star Tetrahedron version
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Dai Ko Myo:

Multi-Dimensional Sri Yantra AUM version


Offering another healing meditation and attunement from the Tanran Reiki tradition that I am the vision holder of. I am being guided to share this symbol more openly so that those who feel inspired to and called to join purpose with this healing stream of energy can join, and as we give so we receive. If we become like pipes that pour water into a desert, then we are never dry, and if the ocean wishes to flood the desert with waters of renewal, then it will happily and willingly pour water through us, who have made ourselves available to this current. Note2:

Right as you are reading these words, if you so choose, feel that you are visualizing the Tanran Reiki symbol six inches above the soft spot at the top of your head, and then feel the symbol sink down into the center of your chest, where the thymus gland is, and rest there. Ask the Reiki Guides to bless and energize this symbol for your use. Feel the promise that these guides will gently work through you using the symbol as an anchor into our world and your own personal world.
If you feel inspired to, you can ask the Reiki Guides to make this implanting of the symbol permanent, and then it will be an attunement ritual for you. This is not required, if you only want to make this a meditation, then you are welcome to just experience the energies flowing through you, healing you gently, and then pouring out into our world.

If you choose to make this permanent, then you will feel your energy body and your physical body going through changes, restructuring itself and rewiring itself, so that it will be able to conduct more energy through you. The energy of Universal Unconditional Love, with its deep Primal Wish to heal all sentient beings immediately and instantly to the degree that all freely allow this process to happen and to the speed that each person is comfortable with, will gently upgrade your energy system in stages, to the degree that you openly, willingly, and peacefully allow.

The training that is given with the attunements is about how to cooperate with an energy that wishes to deeply cooperate with you, for the healing of your life, your relationships, and your world. This Primal Energy did birth the cosmos and regulates it as best it can, given its allowance of free will sentient beings to do whatever they wish. It was created in deep trust that every sentient being would create a line of experiences and lessons for he or she to go through, learn from them, and then evolve into loving, wise, and creative beings, cosmic adults, fully enlightened and with a fully activated body of light. Note3:

After the Tanran Symbol is implanted in the Heart Region of your chest, then visualizing the Double Star Tetrahedron version of Dai Ko Myo floating six inches above the soft spot at the top of the head. Feeling the "Great Energy Light" of Universal Unconditional Love resting there, floating above you, about 9 inches in diameter. Asking the Reiki Guides to bless and energize this symbol, and to allow this symbol to serve as a conduit of energy for you. Because these beings, the Reiki Guides, are light beings who have long ago completed their evolution into light body, they are beings of great compassion, great empathy, and infinite creative energy. They will always respond to a sincere call for help and immediately connect with you.

It is highly likely that you will feel tingling sensations in your body as a sign of their pouring Universal Unconditionally Loving Energy into you, through the channels that are opening up. Or you may feel warm currents of energy start to fill you and flow inside of you. Or you may feel as if the room that you are in has brightened with energy a little. Or you may just feel a little more peaceful and calm. Or you may just not feel anything definite enough to be easily noticed. The energy cannot force you to feel anything and does not try to prove itself to anyone, it simply acts. If you remain in trust of this process and choose to keep opening up, you will feel more and more. Our own ability to feel will be healed in this process. Our heart will wake up to this energy in stages that are right for each of us. If it were faster and more miraculous, then it might make some people freak out, like the prophets mentioned mentioned in the Torah and other writings, where humans, encountering angelic beings of light, sometimes fall down on their faces, or suddenly feel very impure, as everything unloving is illuminated and cleansed from us.

To the degree that you are able to, just trust and allow this process to happen. I am "bridging" their energy, adding these words to what they are wishing to do, like an ambassador who is mediating a relationship so that everything works well, and being a bridge because I am part of both their world and ours.Note4:

As you inhale deeply, feel you are drawing the energy into the soft spot at the top of head, visualizing and feeling a beam of light pouring down into the soft spot and flowing into the brain, relaxing, energizing, and healing the brain, then pouring down into the throat, relaxing, energizing, and healing the throat, and then into the heart region, relaxing, energizing, and healing the heart, and then flowing out into the world, relaxing, healing, and energizing the world.

The Master Jesus once said, "Let your light shine before sentient beings that they may experience this wholesome action, and feel the energy of glory, radiance, and wonder fill them, so that they may join in this sacred energy and feel thankful to the Source of All Life. (I am translating this verse a little differently than usual, to highlight certain meanings that are not always clear, as in Hebrew, the word "glory" is the radiance of light energy that accompanies a divine display in our world, when we "glorify g-d", it means that this radiance fills us and overflows back to Source as gratitude, "wholesome action" is a Buddhist way of naming "good works")."


You can deepen your involvement in this energy flow by stretching your arms to the sides as wide open as you can, then inhaling upwards into palms together above the head, then bringing the palm together hands down the middle to the heart region, while intoning the "Ah" sound, and then opening the arms wide, visualizing and feeling yourself releasing the energy that descended into the heart outward in all directions, unconditionally, and without reservation, and then inhaling with hands moving upwards again.

You are visualizing the energy flow down from Dai Ko Myo into your Tanran Symbol in your heart region, and then radiating outwards into our world.

The spine is the "axis of eternity" and the arms moving outwards is the "axis of time". We draw energy from the eternity of love into the dramas of space, time, and form. We loving accept what is happening in our world and radiate healing energy into this world that so much needs this love. We trust love to heal all this that we see. We have learned, too, that only love heals, that political power struggle is a tug of war that gets nowhere, that military violence only creates more wounds to heal, that intense arguments are a kind of mental brutality that is worth ending as soon as possible, and, as we disengage from these chain reactions of suffering, with everyone reacting to everyone, and everyone reacting to reactions of reactions, we become as pillars conducting energy from the axis of eternity into the axis of time.


This is attunement embodies the inner activity hidden within the first sermon of the Buddha, when he started turning the "great wheel of the Dharma" in our world and said:

"Hatred never ended hatred,
Only love ends hatred,
this is the Dharma,
ancient and inexaustible."

This is also at the heart of the Sermon on the Mount of the Master Jesus when he said these words:

"Do not condemn, Love your enemies, Bless those who curse you, Pray for those who persecute you, Walk the second mile, Give more than is asked for, Forgive everyone because they are in unconscious ignorance (of their own true nature which is love itself), let your light (of unconditional love) upon everyone you meet, each and every day of your life, that you may becomes sons and daughters of your Cosmic Parent and awaken to this divine nature as your primal identity. (Again, I am translating a little differently to highlight some hidden meanings within the verses)."


If you are ready, then ask your own subconscious mind-heart to sustain this attunement and activity within you, with these words:

"May this attunement and meditation, may the flow that has been activated in me, become a habit of loving in my life."

So shall it be. Namaste. The attunement and meditation is complete.


I would like for you to feel these thoughts and see what they could mean for you:

"This radiance of love into our world is the activism that truly matters.

Concerning ordinary activism, I will cast my vote for someone who represents something healing and constructive to do with this world.

I will let go of any attachment to results and let the past actions do whatever they can do, being like ripples in a pond, and focus on concentrating on each present moment and loving what is arising.

I will speak my truth about what I feel is going on, but engage no one in an argument or try to convince them that I am right.

I will make all my words kind, honest, accurate, constructive, relevant, concise, and clear, speaking only when it is an improvement on silence.

I will deeply and empathically listen to the voices of the world and see in them the hidden or obvious cry for help and for love that is within them, and I will respond always by radiating the light of love to the people whose voices I hear.

I will feel them in my consciousness and in the unity of light, realizing that everyone is only a thought away, and on some level that is real to all of us we can hear each other speaking with our hearts and our minds, and that only those thoughts sent on a carrier wave of love are worth sharing and that only those thoughts send on a carrier wave of love have wisdom within them and not merely knowledge, and only these thoughts have any power to heal.

I choose to see this world as a dream in consciousness that our unity is creating together and visualize and dream the radiance of love to enter into the dreamtime dramas that are happening in this shared collective consciousness space.

I choose to be an agent of healing in this world and quietly through example and presence be a teacher of how to love and heal this world within this dream.

Whatever the form of the problems that are appearing in this living dream, I will stay with the solution and radiate love always into this world, trusting that this action will always bear fruit.

I will serve this world with non-reactive patience, sustained loving energy, gentle care, wise action, and peaceful skill, always centered in a unified field of unconditional love and light that permeates all of space, time, and form, and feel this loving energy is my home, my being, and my life."

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Cosmic Cathedral

1. I would like for all of you to lie down.  I would like for you to scan your body and let your spine feel like it is straight or as straight as it can be without trying to force this.  Have your palms face upward and your feet pointing outward.  And then to focus on breathing.  Expanding the belly with each inhale and relaxing the belly with each exhale.  As you are doing this, to gently scan the body for any tension and invite it to let go.  There is not need to try to let go, just to invite the body to relax and to trust the body to let go in its own and in its own way.  Continuing to breath this way for about 20 breaths.

2. Next I would like to focus on your heartbeat and to feel the exact place where the heart beat is being made.  And to visualize and feel that there is a radiant point of light at this place.  And I would like for you to feel yourself as this point of light.  And to feel this place as the throne of the heart, where you are spiritual self is resting upon.

3. And then to softly repeat these thought intention affirmations, without trying to believe or disbelieve them, but to just feel what they could mean for you:

I am a radiant point of light in an ocean of love.

I am a radiant point of light in an ocean of love.

I am a radiant point of light in an ocean of love.

I am a radiant point of love in an ocean of light.

I am a radiant point of love in an ocean of light.

I am a radiant point of love in an ocean of light.

4. I would like for you to gather the felt sense of these thought intention affirmation and to just feel their meaning and feel yourself as this point of light and love.

5. And if you find some voice inside yourself, telling you that you are not loving or not luminous, notice this voice, thank it for sharing its opinion, and then sharing back to this voice, saying, "Thank you for sharing, here and now, I am choosing to feel myself within the light and love, the ocean of consciousness, that gave birth to me, and to feel myself, once again, as part of this ocean.  I have nothing to lose by feeling myself this way again.  And if I have been unloving in the past, in my body, in my actions the world, it is because I have forgotten my noble birth in this ocean of light and love.  And I am choosing to return to this feeling again and feel at home this ocean of light and love."

6. I would like for you now to feel that light and love that surrounds you and welcomes you home, and to rest in this place.  And noticing your exhale, getting softer and softer, as you relax back into your home.

7. Then I would like for you to move your radiant, that you are, into the central channel of the spine, and moving your radiant by gently conscious thought intention, simply and gently willing this point to move there.

8. Once you have done this, then gently intend to move out the crown chakra, the soft spot at the top of the head, and feel that you moving into this ocean of light and love, and feeling this place without any hindrance from the body.

9. Then I would like to go 6 feet above your body and look down upon it.  And would like for to feel what is called "dual consciousness".  You can feel yourself inside your body, hearing these words, and you can feel outside your body, looking at your body.

10. I would like for you to shuttle back and forth, between "body consciousness" and being this radiant point of light.  Moving gently back and forth, with no hurry, feeling your mobility of consciousness moving between different perspectives, and even able to do be in both at the same time.

11. Next I would like for you to lift even higher above your body, moving through the ceiling and even the roof, seeing the roof from above, seeing the roof shrink smaller and smaller as you go higher, noticing even the cities and towns looking smaller and smaller, as you to outer space, seeing the Earth from the perspective of an astronaut.

12. Next to turn the attention of the radiant point that you are away from the Earth and towards outer space, and then to hold the thought intention, "I wish to go to the Cosmic Cathedral", and to entrust this thought intention into the Ocean of light and love that you always live in, and to trust this Ocean to bring to this Cathedral.

13. You are noticing the stars moving rapidly on either side of you as you move past them in what Star Trek called "warp drive", moving faster than the speed of light, moving by conscious thought intention and universal love.

14. You notice an asteroid with a Cathedral on top of it.  The Cathedral is silvery blue in radiance, almost bright white, but with a silvery blue tint.

15. By conscious thought intention, you move to the very big doors of the front entrance of the Temple.  And again, by conscious thought intention, you gently intend for the doors to open, you trust the Ocean of light and love to open it for you, and feel them open.  These doors do not open in any other way.  It is our natural relationship with this living Ocean of light and love to gives what we wish, when we have become love and light again.

16. Inside the Cathedral are statues of all the enlightened of the past, carved into the walls and into the ceiling domes.  You are noticing and feeling their vibration.

17. I would like for you to choose one these statues and to move towards it.  Notice how this statue looks and feel the energies of the being radiating through the statue, and then gently ask the being to come forward and meet you.  Feel the statue come to life to meet you.  Ask the being for his or her name, and notice what kind of answer you get.  Sometimes the name is not in words.  It can be in a picture or even a feeling or even a facial expression.  Whatever you get will enough.  Some beings, too, have not felt the need to have a name.

18. I would like for to ask the being when did it become enlightened, what did learn to become enlightened.  And again, notice the answer you get.  It may be in words or pictures or a deep feeling.  And when you have gotten, thank the being for the answer.

19. And then ask the being for any teaching that might help you, and, again, notice the answer you get, and then thank the being for this.

20. I would like for you now to gently say, "Good bye," to this being, and to bow with folded hands, emanating this gesture out of your radiant point, and taking on the form of the light body, that looks your physical, only more radiant and renewed.

21. And to move into the second chamber, where there statues of all the enlightened beings who are waking up now.  And gently bow to these beings and wish them well in their awakening process, as you move to the third chamber of the Cathedral, and notice all the sentient beings that will become will in the future, moving through the door through gently conscious thought intention.

22. In this chamber, I would like for you to find the statue of yourself and notice how you look when you are enlightened.  And then ask the being, who is your future self, to come forward and meet you, seeing the statue come to life in front of you.

23. And then to ask this being when and how he or she became enlightened, and what was learned that allowed the shift to happen, and then open, listen, and feel the answer you get.  And again, it could be in words, a feeling, or a picture.

24.  When you get the answer, bow down in gratitude and thank your future self for what you received.

25. Then I would like for you to feel yourself merge with your future self, so that your present self and future self become a living unity, feeling the two merge together and become one light body.  Notice how this feels and continue to breathe.

26. Then with this unity going through the door to the fourth and last chamber of the Cathedral, opening the door once again through gentle conscious thought intention.

27. You see the Reiki Guides sitting in their council seats, lifted a little above you as you stand in front of them.  You feel them sending love to you and welcoming you.

28. One of them comes down from the council seats and offers himself or herself to be your personal Reiki Guide and sponsor, to help you through your human journey, when you are back on Earth.

29.  This being comes forward and bows in front of you, and says, "It is my intention to give you a Reiki attunement.  Do you wish to receive it?"

30. Connecting with your inner freedom and feeling no pressure at all to do anything, you spontaneously and fearlessly say, "Yes."

31. The Guide then, while focusing the energy that all the Guides are sending to you, visualizes the symbols in radiant colors, and sends each one of them into your Crown Chakra of your light body, and then moves telepathically and telekinetically to the right place in your chakras.

32. The Guides are chanting each symbol as your personal Guide implants them.

33. They are chanting "Raku", and placing the symbol at the sacrum.

34. Then they are chanting "Sei He Ki", and placing the symbol at the belly.

35. Then they are chanting "Cho Ku Rei", and placing the symbol at the solar plexus.

36. Then they are chanting "Tanran", and placing the symbol at the heart.

37. Then they are chanting "Zee Gah Nah", and placing the symbol at the throat.

38. Then they are chanting "Hon Sha Zen Sho Nen", and placing the symbol at the 3rd eye.

39. Then they are chanting "Dai Ko Myo", and placing the symbol above the soft spot on top of the head, the Crown Chakra.

40. Then they are visualizing and manifesting a white light bubble of protection for you, affirming that, "Nothing but love can enter this bubble," and then imprinting the bubble with "Doh Ya Noh" to seal its energy and to give extra protection.

41. Then the Reiki Guides bless and energize all the symbols, pouring energy into each of them and all of them.

42. The personal Reiki Guide then bows and says, "It is complete."

43. The Guides come down from their council seats and welcome you, and then point to another door.  This one is opened by them, and goes back outer space.

44. You form the conscious thought intention to return to Earth and to your body on Earth.

45. You move through door and go into warp drive, seeing the star flow by you again.

46. You see the Earth getting closer and bigger.

47. You see the cities and towns nearby.

48. You see the roof of the building you were in.

49. You enter the room where your body is.

50. You enter the Crown Chakra.

51. You go down the spine and into the place where the heart beat is, and realign your energies with your body, noticing what happens when you bring the energy back with you and gift it to your body.

52. Counting from 10, returning back to regular body consciousness.  10, 9, 8, feeling your hands and feet, 7, 6, 5, feeling your breathing, 4, 3, 2, and 1, opening your eyes.

53. End of transmission and initiation.  Namaste.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dai Ko Myo 2014+

This is the new Dai Ko Myo that expresses the 2012 solstice alignment and has integrated the energy into a unified whole.  The six spirals emanate from the center world (Ekadana) through the three Sirian stars and through our three Suns (Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn) to us.  This is the ray of creation, maintenance, and manifestation.  It embodies the hexagon pattern that appeared on Saturn and the three radiant colors of the auroras.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tez Reh Oh

Tez Reh Oh is the symbol for healing family systems, doing constellation work, and healing the genetic code for karma imprints.  It is placed in the belly chakra and overlays Sei He Ki (the inner child healing symbol and love meeting us within need fulfillment) to enhance its function to a deeper level.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dai Ko Myo 12/21/2012

The above picture is the 12/21/2012 Dai Ko Myo.  It is already activating itself as a "connection symbol" for the Reiki energy (the universal loving energy that pervades all of life).  What I saw was that the three spheres which represent the three main divine qualities of love, creativity, and wisdom also symbolize Sirius A, B, and C, the three stars of the Sirian star system.  Sirius is a juncture star system that our sun is orbiting and both the sun and Sirius are orbiting the galactic center Ekadana.  The spiral of Dai Ko Myo becomes the spiral of this galaxy and symbolizes creative unfoldment.  The crescent becomes the crescent moon which represents a holding, supportive, and grounding energy.  The Moon in this case focuses the alignment of these worlds like a lens towards the Earth.  Ekadana is represented here by the Magenta sphere and the spiraling luminous nebular cloud in the background.  Sirius A, B, and C by the silvery blue color of their stage of solar evolution.  The yellow sun of our world is in radiant yellow, with the Moon as a black sphere with a crescent.

The next pictue is the usual Dai Ko Myo.  What may not be clear from this picture is that there are two concentric circles in the middle of the "triangle", one yellow and one magenta.  This triangle moves down during the 2012 winter solstice to form the alignment above.  Magenta is the color of the "upper aurora" as the Sun sings to the Earth its evolutionary attunement song.  The "lower aurora" is green and forms a kind of harmonic fifth with this energy which is the energy of biological life.  Magenta and Green are the two main healing colors in the Dinshah color healing system.  I do not feel it is an accident that these are the two main aurora colors (ionized nitrogen and ionized oxygen).

This symbol is simpler than the more visionary dream time drawings of how the symbols are usually perceived in dream or vision space.  This one gives a better idea of how to draw the 2012 Dai Ko Myo.  What I got from this creation is that the Earth is implied within this, being between the Sun and the Moon.

What the Reiki Guides are sharing is that this symbol is now active for all to use.  The other Dai Ko Myo symbols will also work, since intention, use, and permission are what is needed for any of the symbols to work.  But there is a special gift, too, in aligning with this symbol and one might feel when using it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Toh Tan Nen

The above symbol is Toh Tan Nen. It is part of the level four attunement called "The Long Life Empowerment". This symbol is an overlay to Cho Ku Rei, to energize it to another level of functioning. It is called "the economic healing symbol" and has been drawn on a napkin more than any other Tanran Reiki symbol. The joke that goes with the symbol is that it is the one symbol you get for free so that you can afford the other ones.  It is about re-aligning with Divine Grace within the field of economics. It is visualized in the solar plexus chakra (asking the Reiki Guides to bless and energize this symbol). With all the economic shifts that our culture is going through, it felt important to post this as a help to what is arising on this planet. The symbol embodies the teachings of many of the enlightened beings who have walked this world.

The energy spiral on the left is named "humbly accepting where you are". You do not fight your circumstances. You do not judge them bad and strive to be "successful". You give up the status trip and the attempt to boost self esteem through becoming wealthy, successful, and part of the elite. You embrace what you have already been given, what you already have, and notice the abundance that is already here. Through this attitude, you relax into the present moment and open up to what is there. There was a mystic named Thomas Traherne (I think that is how his last name was written) who marvelled that his tiny eyes somehow held the mountains, the sky, and the oceans in its sight and was in some sense wealthy because of this and many other things.

The upper energy spiral is "one step at a time". We are given intuitive guidance step by step, day by day, and this leads to what is needed. We do not get the master blueprint in one dose. When sometimes we do, we just get overwhelmed and think that we cannot do it. When it is given step by step, we can grow into those bigger creative spaces. There is a Zen story of an inch worm that is crawling up a tree and a bird comes down, laughs at the worm, and says, "There is no fruit up there for you to eat." The inch worm says back, "There will be when I get there."

The right energy spiral is "do what you love". We are not merely given step by step instructions, but we are given the love of what we are meant to do. It is such a natural and quiet thing that we often do not notice it. We naturally do this when we have "free time", even if it looks like "day dreaming". It is often judged as foolish and impractical. But it is something within us that is expressing itself and growing through our love of doing it. It will serve others.

The circle is consecrated space where income and outgo are balanced. It is about not getting into debt, not "financing" anything, but paying as we go, trusting that the money will come as we need it. If one is already in debt, then the debt is accepted and trusted that it will gently dissolve. But meanwhile no further debt is meant to be incurred. The second ring is protecting against scams. Money is meant to have an exchange of products and services that enhance our lives. Scams are about money coming through zero sum games, through causing someone to lose something that we might gain something. Lots of investment schemes are scams. The protective bubble is about protecting the money gained from scams, from theft, and from wasting it on impulse buying that really comes from addiction.

The big triangle pointed up is the intention to serve the Divine Purpose on Earth, to serve survival, healing, growth, evolution, thriving, and celebration. You serve the world in love and trust that your needs are met. It is surrender into spirit, making this more important than anything economic. Money never has its proper place without this intention being there. Otherwise it becomes a focus of self clinging and greed, competition and struggle, and becomes a merciless master. The small triangle pointed downwards is "doing daily chores". These little tasks connect our daily life with the larger purpose. It is like the steering wheel on the spaceship.

There is a hidden fourth energy spiral when the symbol goes 3D (when the triangle becomes tetrahedron). This fourth energy spiral is sharing abundance. This is an implicit message that everyone has an abundance to share from, even if it is giving time, curiosity, listening, and compassion. The sharing of abundance circulates energy through a society and becomes a form of social health. It sets in motion good karma causes and return back multiplied. It generates a synergy since the people we share with can also share and thus a good karma ripple goes through our world and upgrades everyone.