Monday, May 7, 2012

Dai Ko Myo 12/21/2012

The above picture is the 12/21/2012 Dai Ko Myo.  It is already activating itself as a "connection symbol" for the Reiki energy (the universal loving energy that pervades all of life).  What I saw was that the three spheres which represent the three main divine qualities of love, creativity, and wisdom also symbolize Sirius A, B, and C, the three stars of the Sirian star system.  Sirius is a juncture star system that our sun is orbiting and both the sun and Sirius are orbiting the galactic center Ekadana.  The spiral of Dai Ko Myo becomes the spiral of this galaxy and symbolizes creative unfoldment.  The crescent becomes the crescent moon which represents a holding, supportive, and grounding energy.  The Moon in this case focuses the alignment of these worlds like a lens towards the Earth.  Ekadana is represented here by the Magenta sphere and the spiraling luminous nebular cloud in the background.  Sirius A, B, and C by the silvery blue color of their stage of solar evolution.  The yellow sun of our world is in radiant yellow, with the Moon as a black sphere with a crescent.

The next pictue is the usual Dai Ko Myo.  What may not be clear from this picture is that there are two concentric circles in the middle of the "triangle", one yellow and one magenta.  This triangle moves down during the 2012 winter solstice to form the alignment above.  Magenta is the color of the "upper aurora" as the Sun sings to the Earth its evolutionary attunement song.  The "lower aurora" is green and forms a kind of harmonic fifth with this energy which is the energy of biological life.  Magenta and Green are the two main healing colors in the Dinshah color healing system.  I do not feel it is an accident that these are the two main aurora colors (ionized nitrogen and ionized oxygen).

This symbol is simpler than the more visionary dream time drawings of how the symbols are usually perceived in dream or vision space.  This one gives a better idea of how to draw the 2012 Dai Ko Myo.  What I got from this creation is that the Earth is implied within this, being between the Sun and the Moon.

What the Reiki Guides are sharing is that this symbol is now active for all to use.  The other Dai Ko Myo symbols will also work, since intention, use, and permission are what is needed for any of the symbols to work.  But there is a special gift, too, in aligning with this symbol and one might feel when using it.

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