Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eh-Leh-Yah: Level 12 Invocation

here and now,
i choose to visualize and invoke
the reiki symbol
the soul retrieval symbol
the grabbing and removing
harmful entity symbol

i ask the reiki guides
to bless and energize
my visualization

i invoke and ask for
their presence and help

i entrust the process
to their wisdom, compassion,
and creative energy

i activate my connection
to them through visualizing
"dai ko myo"
in a sphere above my head
visualize a beam
of white light
entering the soft spot
at the top
of my head
and pouring energy
down my spine
and into all the chakras
that are present
along this path
and releasing
any karmaic imprints
that are found
along the way

i feel the energy
of dai ko myo
pour down
to the solar plexus
and radiate out
from there
a radiant bubble
of citrine light
for protection

i choose to be
a channel for
the reiki light
to flow
from the reiki guides
through me
and into the world

i let go
and allow myself
to be emptied
of anything
that may obscure
this energy
from fully flowing
through me

i visualize
at my third eye,
ask the reiki guides
to bless and energize
this symbol,
and send out
the solar plexus
into the world
to capture
the hostile entities
causing destruction
and pain in our world
that they may be
transmuted into light beings
or sent back
to their home worlds

i repeat this visualization
and sending out
one hundred times

i offer the merit
of this intention
and activity
for the benefit
of all sentient beings


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