Friday, November 26, 2010


The 12 Levels of Tanran Reiki

Level One "Dai Ko Myo Empowerment". The master symbol is implanted during the level one in Tanran Reiki. Within Dai Ko Myo holographically is all the other symbols. This means that this is a complete attunement which has everything that a person needs. This attunement is given at the beginning of the Tanran Reiki intensive or given to people who only intend to use Reiki on family, friends, and themselves. It is useful to attunement a person who has a relative who has a long term illness so that he or she is empowered to support the healing processes of such a person. When given as part of a training intensive, the parallel learning goal is to "feel the energy" as a living force usually as tingling sensations, warm currents, a peaceful presence, and a feeling of connectedness with life in love. It is important that the energy be felt in such a way that it is a direct experience and not a mere conceptual belief.

Level Two "Reiki Practitioner". The basic set of seven symbols is given and how to use each of the symbols. This gives a person a symbolic tool kit to do Reiki as a practitioner. In Tanran Reiki, this is rarely given outside of an intensive training where all the symbols are covered. In the training intensive, people start working on each other after this attunement. It accompanies energy exercises where sound, conscious movement, contact with presence, focused attention and intention, and breathing are used. Each modality is seen to enhance the feeling of energy. Some of the specialist symbols are taught and used for the sake of healing. In Tanran Reiki, a decision was made to move people from level one to level three in one step. This intermediate step is not really used anymore, so very few people stay at level two for any length of time. All Tanran Reiki practitioners are expected to be Reiki Masters. However, during an apprenticeship training a person can, after getting this attunement, practice Reiki while working on fulfilling all their requirements to become a Reiki Master.

Level three "Reiki Master". This attunement is with all the symbols. The attunements were done with hand gestures and special touch points, to activate meridians, and open the crown chakra. This is being replaced by the use of visualization and chanting which works deeper and allows everyone to get attuned at the same time during a class. This attunement requires a commitment to live one's whole life "within the energy". This commitment allows the "root of karma" to be dissolved by Divine Grace.

Level four "Long Life Empowerment". A new symbol set of 7 symbols is given to upgrade the commitment to a higher level. This is where the practitioner chooses to end aging and death. The body is more fully included on this level of healing. A person is expected to become at least a vegetarian and even a vegan. A person does not need to actually be practicing this when they get this attunement, but needs to have the genuine intention to make this change.

Level Five "Pure Eternal Life Attunement". This is another symbol set that relates integrating attitudes that transcend the birth and death cycle. When combined with the Long Life Empowerment, we realize that we are eternal right now and live this truth.

Level Six "Energy Maturity Attunement". This is another symbol set that relates to advanced way of working with energy, partly for emotional processing and partly so that one can generating measurable "psychic heat" from the human body.

Level seven "Special Symbols Attunement". These are a symbol set that does not overlay on the seven chakras. These are the five relationship healing symbols, the soul retrieval symbol, and the protection symbol.

Level eight "Crystal Attunement". This level does not add any new symbols except the five traditions symbol, but includes the use of crystals, sounds, overtone chanting, sacred geometry, energy boxes, charging water, making of healing tools, and finding the resonance frequeny of energy blocks in order to dissolve them.

Level nine "Breathing Attunement". This level does not add any new symbols, except the breathing community symbol, but focuses on a deeper understanding of breathing. Rebirthing breathing is taught, as well as breath of fire, Tumo breathing, element breathing, and rakira breathing. A deeper level of the Tanran Symbol is shown.

Level ten "Emotional Processing". This level does not include any new symbols except the emotional transmutation symbol. It is about learning to verbally guide a person through an emotional wave.

Level eleven "Neural Net Attunement". This level does not include any new symbols except the gate symbol. It is about learning to do a kind of bodywork that is "energy compatible".

Level twelve "Planetary Service Attunement". This level does not include any new symbols, but shows all the symbols forming a giant mandala and a hidden etheric temple within the mandala. This attunement is about organizing the Tanran Reiki community on the planet so that the Earth can become a Pure Land. This also involves "healing the riff" that happened during later Atlantean times, when a tear in the fabric of space and time happened and negative entities came through that are still plaguing humankind and are behind the illnesses, emotional stress, and sorrow that exists in our world. Zee Gah Nah, Dai Ko Myo, Cho Ku Rei, El Leh Yah, Do Yah Noh, and other symbols are used in a coordinated fashion to capture these entities and give them a choice to become human or to return back to their worlds, but are no longer allowed to harm humans. Once all the entities are captured, then the riff will be completely sealed. Then the final work for the healing of Earth can happen by working with the energies until there is nothing but love. The Reiki community will be organized into pairs, quads, Reiki shares, and linked globally through communication online and telepathically.

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