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Doh Yah Noh

Figure 1. There is a faint figure of a person in a lotus posture in the center of this picture. In this meditation, interlocking Doh Yan Nohs are constructed of about 6 to 8 inches in length. To be precise, Dai Ko Myo is visualized at the top of the head, with white light energy pouring into and down the spine. When the energy reaches the solar plexus center at the tip of the sternum, the Doh Yah Nohs are projected out from this chakra.

Figure 2. This is the symbol for Doh Yah Noh. The text below gives more detail about this symbol and how it is used. More information is in the Tanran Reiki Study Guide.

The above symbol is called Doh Yah Noh. The meaning of the symbol is "I will protect you until you learn to protect yourself". We are meant to totally rely on Divine Grace to protect us always, but because our faith in this protection is imperfect we sometimes need to be covered by something that can make up for our lack of faith. When we have been used to given away our power to others and even to matter itself, we need to be covered by this symbol. It is also called the "the sentry" because it is posted at the gate of our energy sphere so that nothing but love can enter in.

This symbol came during the first Reiki Class that I taught. One of the people had a powerful opening and release of an oppression. An external power that imposed itself through the 3rd chakra was released. A Reiki Guide guided me to place this symbol inside the chakra and said, "She is not yet ready to fully empower herself yet. She has made great steps of courage just to be in this class. Yet she has still too much fear inside her. Left to herself, she is still wide open to oppressive powers getting into her aura and her life. This symbol will block them so that she can rebuild her life under her own power. It will protect her until she learns to protect herself."

Since this first appearance, I have been guided to place this symbol in many auras, always with permission. When it is placed in the chakra system, its natural home is in the 3rd chakra, at the tip of the sternum, also known as the power center. This center is fully healed by clear boundaries. This is where you give the right to others to live their life any way that they choose and where you give yourself the same right to do the same, and then only meet with others in unforced agreements. Each of us has a right to live our own truth, learn through our own creativity and even our own mistakes, even if these mistakes could be fatal. We can help others not make unwise choices by gentle loving communication, but must step aside if they choose to continue on what seems to us as an unwise path. When we are parenting someone, someone who is under our guardianship, we may have enough authority to restrict him or her from doing these unwise things, until they are ready to "leave the nest". This is a different situation, because children give permission for parents to serve as their guardians until they reach adulthood. In a sense, Doh Yah Noh works in a similar manner and gently overrides our unwise openness to certain forces surrounding us and protects us until we understand what is truly helpful to us and what is not.

There is a meditation where one weaves a force field around the energy sphere of interlocking triangles, half pointing up and half pointing down. The color of the eye is fiery neon red for burning away tentacles trying to hook into our energy. The space radiates white light for illumination. The lines are silvery blue for health, immortality, life force, and strength. The sphere is roughly described by the radius our arms would make if we extended them horizontally away from the body and then spun around. Leonardo DaVinci showed the sphere in one of his pictures related to the phi ratio. This sphere is our personal space. Life gives us this much room in this world as a sacred trust. No one is allowed into this space without our permission. In the depths of romantic love, we allow our lovers to enter in stages, surrendering deeper and deeper into each other, and form the vesica pisces when we do (looks like a lens). This opening must be allowed and never forced. Any violent thought hurts this process. Intimacy (into-me-see) must be earned through being trustworthy and ends when there is some hurt. It is a delicate process. Many open too fast and are actually aggressive in their opening. A subtle violence is part of this. The process of opening is like a dance and needs its own time and rhythm. An old phrase, "wearing one's heart on one's sleeve", describes this kind of intimacy hurry and aggression.

The symbol is placed on the edge of the aura during initiation to seal it. This symbol is unique to the Tanran System. Other lineages seal the aura by intention and touch only, but in Tanran Reiki more extensive use of visualized symbols is integral to how it works. Pleidian Light healing uses a visualized rose in a similar manner.

Doh Yah Noh is not to be confused with the Eye of Horus or the All Seeing Eye on the Dollar Bill. These function differently than Doh Yah Noh and are not associated with the same name. The symbol's name "Doh Yah Noh" is also a chant that can be used to reinforce its power when evolving a protective field. "Doh" is trustful surrender, "Yah" is life, and "Noh" is ordinary experience or anchoring in the mundane world. One trustfully surrenders to life for protection and safety in the mundane world. The name of this symbol is from Itanamic language and this language is nondualistic and invocational. Chanting the name of the symbol invokes the living reality behind it.

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  1. Footnote1: Ideally, two more layers of protection are added to the Doh Yah Noh bubble, both of them inside this layer. The middle one is the "hreeh" layer where a tapestry of "hreeh" symbols in neon fiery red is woven, with each hreeh about 3 inches in diameter. The layer closest to the body is a "flower of life" tapestry. The reason for the order is that the sentry symbol is an external intelligence covering our visualizations. The second hreeh layer is the grace we have invoked to protect us. The third layer, the flower of life, is a protective bubble that is entirely our own intention to protect ourselves. The first layer bounces off hostile intentions off and returns them to the sender. The second layer burns them completely away (if they penetrate that far. The last layer simply absorbs and transmutes them into pure love (if they get that far). The threefold layer is noticeably more effective than each one separately. In practice, it is a wise idea. It is also wise to combine this kind of protection and consecration to a relationship bubble as well.