Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Contact Symbol

The above symbol is for remote Reiki attunements and invokes Tenabah. The central symbol is placed on the 3rd eye with the feeling of invoking all the energies represented in the mandala. It is for special initiations that require permission given to use the symbol by Tenabah. I am placing the symbol here so that those who need to access it can.

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  1. Hi, Will, thank you for creating this blog! Although I didn't have the time (with a brand new baby) to read the WHOLE post, I am looking forward to seeing your posts of the 7 main symbols. I'm attuning myself every night again and have forgotten the details of what some of them look like (even though the guides fix them for me)...much love.. ihope all is well with you! much love from the jungles of Peru! --Rebecca, Level 3 TanRan